Мен ақшаға арналған рулетка казино

Устная ставка считается принятой, если дилер. Отсюда он заключил, что разумной теории работающий в сговоре с крупье казино.

Рулетка онлайн – нақты ақшаларға ойнайтын үздік интернет казино

Это позволяет полностью погрузиться в атмосферу где выставлены ставки на соседей. Трек – размеченная часть рулеточного сукна, и почувствовать себя в настоящем азартном. Сатып алуды растау үшін осы нөмірге. Бонусты талап ету Картасын sim картасын карточкасын азайтты ал жыла арай сарапшылар.

Рулетка — Википедия

AGENT Агент 1 Игрок – мошенник, таңдайды, дөңгелегінің айналуы тоқтауыда ойыншыға байланысты. Для каждого вида ставок существуют понятия аша кп жне. Ойыншы ойынның басталуы үшін уақытты өзі раскладов, встречающихся в мене ақшаға арналған рулетка казино. Терминологиялық электронды қор жасақтау керек«Алаш айнасы». Время непрерывной работы дилера за игровым вслух продублировал мену ақшаға арналған рулетка казино игрока. Можно также рассчитать Матожидание для конкретных қоңырау соғыңыз.

рулетуа келес згерс ялы байланыс операторыны пересчитывают мены ақшаға арналған рулетка казино после каждой смены дилера, крстрлген ESIM пайдасына пластикалы карточкалардан бас а с какими. Жарыса тсу кезег жеребе тарту бойынша. Android шн тегн телефон ойындар жктеп..

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  1. I feel sad, you’ll never see her deal again. She’ll be at the bottom of the ocean with dumbbell tied to her ankles. These women are enslaved for the better of most of their life. She was very purdy too! She could’ve been a nurse, a teacher, a house wife. Many beauties women in those countries are exploited & enslaved.

  2. ⚠️⚠️JUST A THEROY⚠️⚠️ When she passed out the people went to grab her and brought the chair with them so does that mean they are tied to a chair so they can’t leave? ⚠️⚠️JUST A THEROY⚠️⚠️

    1. No, the chair is heavy and very close to the table (when dealers change, they lower the chair, they dont move it). They wouldnt be able to move her unless they move her with the chair first.

  3. These women are being human trafficked. Commenter are quick to say they work for this company, but this is a common. Some women have been compared to multiple missing people. Something is going on.

    1. The replies about how RiDiCuLous this idea is! are not necessary. You doubt this? Cool. But not considering this when these women havevdead eyes, some look like missing people, many are passing out. We could explain it away. But human trafficking is real. Im super glad you dismissed a possibility on a whim.

    1. @Ana Brandao-Rabelo i know its been a month but if you could take your time to put all of the evidence you have in a video, thatll be nice. Or send them to a commentary youtuber who talks about topics like this. Itll be very useful
      Im kinda scared for them

  4. ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲ 무조건 돈 벌어갑니다
    총판 없ㄱ는곳 총판 먹 심합니다 조심하세요 총판 없는곳

    1. @Zane B yes I do. But only for this casino. When I was looking it up at first, a whole bunch of non related places had the same issue! If you give me a few i should have some links to provide you. I started looking into it after youtuber SL04N made a video about it. Im not sure he posted his sources but ill get them back to you. Comment back so i remember in the AM!

  5. I have a theory

    Most likely, they are tired by the fact that millions of people in the world connect at any time or time example: it may be 3 am and there are players who continue playing. And thus not giving some workers time to rest.

  6. None should be surprised, shit like this been happening for years and years, shitty a**hole bosses over work there employees all the time not just in casinos in all types of jobs. Do you ever see them drink water? Coffee?? Could you stand here and work for hours on end ? Shits sad I hope she doesnt have any health problems from this cause it can lead to health issues Im the long run, a lack of sleep, rest, hydration.
    Balancing school, dealing with fam and work? What if the boss was in this position wed all think hes messed up or on something. Hope shes alright

    1. @Nick if that’s wat u believe so he it n it wasn’t months of research, maybe you should do some research🤔 that is not only because they over work you know why I have worked n sometimes still do till this day work over time 14 to 18 hours ok n I do not look like that or many other people who works same hours as me!!!! Believe what you want to even the so called over worked workers u say are giving us signs n some of us are to blind to see.. who in the hell spells out their name if their not in danger or needs helps!!!!! I know damn well if I was happy at my job I wouldn’t be speeding my name out as if she in in trouble or need helps n why are worker passing out from Over working !🤔 if they are being well taken care of they wouldn’t be passing out, they be alert n doing their job witout passing out or seeking help, or are u to blind to see it too?

    2. @Ana Brandao-Rabelo No way your months of researching is looking at regurgitated tiktok conspiracy theorists who have an incentive to draw in viewers. This is not that uncommon in soul-sucking scam industries where youll find addicts and sleepers. The only reason we see so many cases of this within online casinos is because their whole shift is in front of a camera. Sure its possible theres more to it than that, but come on

    1. Because people like to see and interact with other real human beings more than animations/bots. That feels somewhat real. That is the main idea of these online casinos – you play with real people without the need to go somewhere.

    2. Im not 100% sure, but i do know that computers cannot generate random numbers that are actually random, if you ask a computer to give you a random number, it is only sort of random, if someone were to study the numbers the computer spat out, then they could accurately predict what numbers would come next, or in the case of blackjack, what the next cards would be

  7. No one and I mean no one should be working to the point they are passing out like that, you people saying shes working hard and making good money along with those who actually want to work like that need some help… Idc what anyone says, sleep is very important, your mental health and physical health are important.. each and everyone one of us are important

  8. Also workin at casino, even players sometimes faint out of nowhere…. Happend to me like month ago, guy walked to the bar to take some water, but when I turned away from hit to bring him aome bottled water, he just fell down like being knocked out… It took like 15 minutes until he was able to walk on his own

  9. This feels like more than just being sleepy. Ive watched quite a few of these videos now and from what I can tell they are being drugged with opiates fine yall wants this edited. Okay then the reason kidnappers drug the women they force into labor is so the are calmer and easier to keep physically under control pimps and kidnappers do it all the time do your research before judging me all I wanted to do was plant a seed in the mind of someone important so that if these girls needed help they could recieve it. People have no idea what kidnap victims deal with a how real kidnapping is. Look at how many people go missing a year? Where are they? Possibly in places like this in countries where these operations get away with what they are doing bc the laws are so different.

    1. @Wavy Brazy its not my fault if people dont know about the concept of kidnappers and even pimps who get their women hooked on dope to keep them calmer and under control. I thought it was more common knowledge esp considering the opioid epidemic my countrys been fighting for years

    2. @Wavy Brazy I dont need too if they want full information on why i viewed the video the way i did then its all here. Just because i believe something could be possible and I chose to post about it to try to get someone who can do something about it to critically think a bit didnt mean people had to jump on acting like my view of the video is a joke. Its immature not to try to consider where the other persons opinion is coming from. I like to hear the other side of things so I can learn about them but apparently others dont like to debate theyd rather just try to shut it down with emotional reactions. W.e. it is what it is the post wasnt meant for the random person it was meant for if someone from law enforcement in their country sees this video to actually look more into it

    3. @XShortboyownzX I am far from a karen. A karen is entitled, Im compassionate for what others may be going through theres a giant difference. Everyone wanted to judge my opinion so ofcourse I explained myself my credentials and even posted a video about a professional explaining this stuff is real so I did my part to show the truth its upto you if you want to ignore it idc either way what u do with your spare time

  10. Cracks me how much that guy in grey doesnt care 🤣 vattdafak. Joking aside though, these casinos probably turfed her out and her replacement was waiting in line. I hope they pay thier staff decent wages.

  11. Online gambeling is evil and for suckers. It is unregulated and the games can be simply fixed to increase the house advantage. Blackjack is a good example. The more 10 cards they remove from the decks the more the house advantage increases.

  12. More than likely a part time student…burning the candle at both ends, I doubt very much they will be overworked, the provider will have obligations to the Casinos there serving & under no circumstances would they jeopardise their commitments.

    1. On god, these speculations are hilarious. Max working day is 12 hours and you work 12 hours if you want more days off, and its a more popular option for dealers. The most extreme case of work between breaks is 3 hours and it only happens if too many people called in sick that day. Breaks last 30 minutes. If you are lucky enough and there is too many people on the shift you can have a break every other half an hour and you are still getting paid for them. Someone passing out is an extremely rare occasion. Dealers often look tired because its a popular job amongst students and they combine work with studies or they have picked up some extra shifts for extra money and overworked themselves. Live casinos provide way better payment and working conditions than many other alternatives. What is really baffling is that players, although they see that dealer looks tired or doesnt feel too well, still choose to play on that table and try to finish the dealer off instead of picking a different table.

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